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Application of a microcontent assembly and publishing Qumana


"Qumana a microcontent assembly and publishing application" is
zagruzit.com Editor: Qumana and offering a microcontent assembly and highly published writers create content for blogs is useful for all people features three integrated capabilities, application publishing, web sites, e-mail, and documents. * Capability # 1 ... Drag n 'Drop: Qumana sophisticated drag n' drop capability that uses a lot of your browser with a funky and easy-to-use with inobtrusive fits DropPad ... DropPad is actually transparent. A user can surf and research all day long, or when they drag and drop any and all that you want to find interesting or useful content into DropPad matter what for the period. Users n 'drop links, images, text, images, audio and video files, large blocks can be dragged ... almost everything. * Capability # 2 ... , Shape, Edit, Assemble: Then, the user collect and what you see when you open up to Workpad, a re-edit, delete what no longer interesting or relevant, and so is action. Then ya, the contents of a folder in the Library, then on Save, or click Publish to have worked .... To create a letter or a document on the expression of ideas and a running stream. So complete, so that the user text, change text, add links to add the html editor with WYSIWYG, upload it filesto things to end what seems to be published is a professional. And there's spell check! Also, right-click any item and the user scroll down and click on Properties and a number of important structural and user-defined meta allows you to create. * Capability # 3 ... If a user Post-blogging "Anywhere":, stitched-together to publish a final application for whatever we have to edit the content has been published by. , So that multiple pieces of content or you can post blogs, one, two or several different blog settings may be installed. Currently, the user can record content for the HTML or RTF. Now you can download free Qumana

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